AD 62-22-01    Vacuum Pump Modification

October 31, 1962

This AD applied to Continental 0-200 engines modified by STC to incorporate the Airborne Mechanisms 113A5 Vacuum Pump.

Compliance was simple enough, remove the pump, press the coupling 1/16th of an inch further into the engine spline, and reinstall the pump. Wish they all could be this easy.

62-22-01 CESSNA: Amdt. 494 Part 507 Federal Register October 16, 1962. Applies to All Models 150, 175, 175A, 175B, and 175C Aircraft Equipped with Continental Engines O-200-A, GO-300-A and GO-300-C Modified to Incorporate Airborne Mechanisms Model 113A5 Vacuum Pumps (Supplemental Type Certificates Nos. SA1-630 and SA1-610 Amended March 13, 1962, Issued to Airborne Mechanisms Division of Randolph Manufacturing Co.).

Compliance required within the next 10 hours’ time in service after the effective date of this AD.

In order to prevent failure of the Airborne Mechanisms Model 113A5 vacuum pump because of improper installation, remove and reinstall the pump as follows:

Mount the pump and then remove it from the engine drive pad. The coupling will remain in the engine spline and the separation will occur between the pump shaft and the coupling. The coupling must then be pressed 1/16 inch further into the engine spline. Reinstall the pump, and insure that the steel cross vanes protrude approximately 1/16 inch from the hub of the coupling.

(Airborne Mechanisms Service Letter No. 4 dated May 15, 1962, entitled “Installation Interference of Model 113A5 Drive Splines” covers this same subject.)

This directive effective October 31, 1962.