During the twenty-six-year production of the Cessna 150 and 152, Cessna came up with six different designs for the spinner and spinner bulkheads. The airplane always came with a spinner, but the type of spinner was dependent on the needs of the initial buyer. The “Skull Cap” spinner was standard equipment on early airplanes, but a lot of buyers opted for the longer, more stylish, “Dome” spinner. Later in production the longer, pointed spinner became the standard on new airplanes.

The “Skull Cap”

The Skull Cap was Standard Equipment and can be used on all Cessna 150s from the first airplane thru the “K” model. The Skull Cap was installed with one simple bracket mounted on the front of the prop. The Skull Cap spinner may be installed on all 150s thru the “K” model without STC or Field Approval because it is already approved as standard equipment. The skull cap spinner may not be installed on the “L,” “M,” or the 152 due to the cowling differences.

  • Spinner………………. Cessna part number 0450516-1
  • Bracket………………. Cessna part number 0450260

The “Dome”

Early airplanes had an optional “Dome” extended spinner. This spinner was available on the 150 thru the Mid “C” model and was attached to a mount assembly located behind the prop.

  • Spinner Assy………… Cessna part number 0450021-1 (S/N 1701 -15059286) Sensenich Prop Only
  • Plate Assy-Spinner… Cessna part number 0450020-1 (S/N 17001 – 15059286)
  • Dome-Spinner……… Cessna part number 0450024-3* (S/N 15059287 – 15059550)
  • Dome Spinner……… Cessna part number 0450024-12 (S/N 15059551 – 15059949)
  • Mount Assy…………. Cessna part number 0450024-17 (S/N 15059287 – 15059949)

* 0450024-3 superseded by 0450024-10

The “Dome” 2.0

Halfway thru “C” model production a revised dome spinner was installed. This spinner added a forward bulkhead mounted in front of the prop in addition to the aft bulkhead. The spinner was screwed on the aft bulkhead, and additional screws secured it to the forward bulkhead.

  • Dome Assy………….. Cessna part number 0450025-10 (S/N 15059550 – 15061532)
  • Aft Bulkhead Assy…. Cessna part number 0450025-8 (S/N 15059550 – 15061532)
  • Fwd Bulkhead Assy.. Cessna part number 0450025-3 (S/N 15059550 – 15061532)
  • Dome Assy………….. Cessna part number 0450024-12 (S/N 15061533 – 15071128)
  • Aft Bulkhead Assy…. Cessna part number 0450025-8 (S/N 15061533 – 15071128)
  • Fwd Bulkhead Assy.. Cessna part number 0450027-10* (S/N 15061533 – 15071128)

*0450027-10 has been superseded by 0450039-1-791

Production of original type spinners and bulkheads installed on aircraft prior to the “K” were discontinued by Cessna. If you cannot find an original part for your pre-K airplane, you may replace them with “K” model parts in accordance with the following limitations:

  • When installing a new spinner, the forward and aft bulkheads must be replaced with the new type.
  • When installing a new forward or aft bulkhead, both must be replaced with the new type bulkheads. The original spinner may be used, and the front attachment holes filled with any good body filling compound. Spacers must be added to provide a snug fit.

The “Pointy”

The “K” model had its own spinner and bulkhead. In an effort to simplify removal and installation, increase service life, and eliminate stress concentrations due to mis alignment of front and rear bulkhead attachments holes, the entire spinner/bulkhead assemblies were redesigned. The rear bulkhead was strengthened, the forward bulkhead was made from plastic, and the front attachment holes were deleted. Spacers must be added between the forward bulkhead and the prop to ensure a snug fit.

  • Spinner………………. Cessna part number 0450027-12 (S/N 15071129 – 15072003)
  • Aft Bulkhead Assy…. Cessna part number 0450040-1 (S/N 15071129 – 15072003)
  • Fwd Bulkhead Assy.. Cessna part number 0450039-1* (S/N 15071129 – 15072003)
  • Spacer………………… Cessna part number 0450039-2 (S/N 15071129 – 15072003)

*0450039-1 has been superseded by 0450039-1-791

Extended Cowl

The propeller was extended 3 inches on the “L” and “M.” This change required a redesigned cowling and spinner/bulkhead assembly. Initially the forward bulkhead was the same plastic part with the spacers as the “K,” but it changed it to an all-metal design that bolted directly to the prop on the “M.” However, the parts manual now lists the plastic bulkhead as “Not Procurable” and lists the metal bulkhead as the usable part for the “L” and “M.”

  • Spinner………………. Cessna part number 0450042-2 (S/N 15072004 & ON)
  • Aft Bulkhead Assy…. Cessna part number 0450046-5 (S/N 15072004 & ON)
  • Fwd Bulkhead Assy.. Cessna part number 0450050-3 (S/N 15072004 & ON)


With a different engine comes a completely different spinner/bulkhead. The design remained constant throughout the production of the 152.

  • Spinner………………. Cessna part number 0450073-1
  • Aft Bulkhead Assy…. Cessna part number 0450072-1
  • Fwd Bulkhead Assy.. Cessna part number 0450076-1

Sensenich Propeller

All spinners/bulkheads (except the very early airplanes) are listed above are for aircraft equipped with McCauley propellers. Sensenich props have a completely different spinner, and they must be purchased thru Sensenich.

Service Difficulties

As these parts spin on your airplane for years on end, it’s no wonder they fail, and if not caught in time, they can fail quite dramatically. 

The spinner must fit tightly over the bulkheads.  Lack of attention allows the spinner to wobble, which stresses the spinner and the aft bulkhead causing cracks. Eventually, the spinner will want to depart the airplane. If you still have a nylon bulkhead keep an eye on it as they wear and will lose the ability to hold the spinner tightly in place over time. If you have a metal bulkhead you can wrap the edge with tape to ensure a snug fit.

Spinners get work hardened over time from the pulses and vibrations being absorbed by the metal. This makes the material stronger up to a point. Eventually the metal will crack. Rubbing against the bulkheads also wears the metal down and over time the metal in those contact areas will wear thin and crack. Keep an eye out for these cracks around the screw holes and near the propeller opening.

If the wear or crack hasn’t progressed beyond certain limits, spinners can be repaired. There are a few shops that do spinner repair. Here’s three that we know of: 


Used parts are available at the normal places, eBay, scrap yards, but availability varies depending on the model. Skull Caps, and Pointy Spinners/bulkheads for 150s up to the “K” are generally available for a reasonable price. “L” and “M” spinners are another story. They are very hard to come by and somewhat more expensive.

If you want new parts, the story is the same. OEM parts are available from Cessna with “K” parts at a reasonable price, “L”/”M” parts at a much higher price. Skull Caps and “K” spinners are also available in the after-market shops (Spruce, Chief, Knots2U, etc). These after-market stores also sell composite “K” parts manufactured by TCB Composites.