AD 73-23-07    Defective Spar Attach Fittings

November 19, 1973

This AD affected a small number of ’72 and ’73 “L” models and ’73 Aerobat “L” models. Apparently there was a batch of bad fittings installed in these airplanes and needed to be replaced.

73-23-07 CESSNA: Amdt. 39-1744. Applies to Model 150 (S/Ns 15074635 thru 15074799); Model A150 (S/Ns A1500415 thru 1500427); Model 172 (S/Ns 17261664 thru 17261808); Model 180 (S/Ns 18052335 thru 18052349); Model 182 (S/Ns 18261960 thru 18262105) and Model 185 (S/Ns 18502199 thru 18502238) airplanes.

Compliance: Required as indicted, unless already accomplished.

To prevent defective spar attachment fitting from remaining in service, within the next 50 hours’ time in service after the effective date of this AD, replace P/N 0523306 wing attach fittings with Cessna Service Kit SK 150-45A, dated July 27, 1973, referred to in Cessna Service Letter SE73-20, dated August 17, 1973, or later FAA-approved revisions, or with any other airworthy part approved by the Chief, Engineering and Manufacturing Branch, FAA, Central Region.

This amendment becomes effective November 19, 1973.