AD 79-10-14 R1    Fuel Tank Venting

May 30, 1988

This AD applies to all 150s and A150s from airplane #1 thru the ’75 “M.”

To provide an alternate source of fuel tank venting if the Fuel Vent Line becomes obstructed, a vented fuel cap must be installed IAW Cessna Service Letter SE77-6.

Because the fuel tanks are interconnected, and the fuel consumption is low, the Service Letter requires 1 vented cap, and it must be installed on the right fuel tank.

Also, for installation on models prior to 1972, the filler neck may be loosened or tightened, as required, if cap alignment with the slipstream is desired.

79-10-14 R1 CESSNA: Amendment 39-3475 as amended by Amendment 39-5901. Applies to the following Models and serial numbered airplanes, certificated in any category.

140A15200 through 15724
150617, 628, 649, 17001 through 17999, 59001 through 59018; 15059019 through 15077005
A15015064970, A1500001 through A1500609
170609, 18729 through 27169
172610, 612, 615, 622, 625, 630, 638, 28000 through 29999, 36000 through 36999, 46001 through 47746, 17247747 through 17265684
175619, 28700A, 55001 through 56777, 17556778 through 17557119
P172DP17257120 through P17257188
R172P17257189, R1720001 through R1720617
177661, 17700001 through 17701471, 17701473 through 17701597
180604, 624, 645, 30000 through 32999, 50001 through 50911, 18050912 through 18052202
182613, 631, 634, 33000 through 34999, 51001 through 53007, 18253008 through 18260638
185/A185632, 185-0001 through 185-1599, 18501600 through 18501896
188/A188With wing tanks; Serials; 653, 188-0446 through 188-0572, 18800573 through 18800762
205641, 205-0001 through 205-0577
206206-0001 through 206-0275
U206/TU206U206-0276 through U206-1444, U20601445 through U20601666
P206/TP206P206-0001 through P206-0603, P20600604 through P20600647
207/T20720700001 through 20700203
210/T210616, 618, 57001 through 57575, 21057576 through 21059361, T210-0001 through T210-0454
336336-0001 through 336-0195
337/T337337-0001 through 337-1193, 33701194 through 33701405
M337B337-0001 and up

Compliance: Required as indicated, unless already accomplished.

To provide an alternate source of fuel tank venting in case of fuel tank vent obstruction by foreign material and/or sticking of the fuel vent valve, within the next 100 hours time-in-service after the effective date of this AD, accomplish the following:

(A) Install applicable vented fuel cap(s) with related adapters and fuel servicing placards in accordance with Cessna Service Letter SE77-6 dated March 4, 1977; or as an alternative for fuel bladder equipped airplanes, Cessna Service Kit SK182-85 dated September 21, 1984, or modify existing fuel tank caps in accordance with STC SA728NW, SA3318NW or SA2967SW and for 336 and 337/T337 Series airplanes, in accordance with Cessna Service Letter ME78-47 (Rev. 1) dated February 12, 1979.

NOTE 1: On those airplanes having two fuel tank caps in each fuel tank, only one vented cap is required in each tank. A vented cap must be installed in the outboard filler opening of each tank.

(B) The modification required by this AD may be accomplished by those owner/operators authorized to perform preventive maintenance under FAR 43 provided only installation of a different fuel tank cap is necessary. The person accomplishing this modification must make an entry in the aircraft maintenance record indicating compliance with this AD; i.e., “AD 79-10-14 complied with by installing replacement fuel filler cap; Cessna P/N this date Signature and Certificate Number.”

(C) An equivalent means of compliance with this AD may be used if approved by the Manager, Aircraft Certification Office, Federal Aviation Administration, 1801 Airport Road, Room 100, Mid-Continent Airport, Wichita, Kansas 67209.

All persons affected by this directive may obtain copies of the document(s) referred to herein upon request to Cessna Aircraft Company, Customer Service, P.O. Box 1521, Wichita, Kansas 67201; or may examine the document(s) referred to herein at the Federal Aviation Administration, Office of the Regional Counsel, Room 1558, 601 East 12th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64106.

NOTE 2: Supplemental Type Certificates SA728NW and SA3318NW are held by Mr. Dennis H. Ward, Venting Engineering, 5420 A Street, Tacoma, Washington 98408, Phone (206) 474-6458. Supplemental Type Certificate SA2967SW is held by Mr. Charles M. Seibel, Flight Bonus Inc., P.O. Box 665, Hurst, Texas 76053, Phone (817) 265-1650.

This amendment revises AD 79-10-14, Amendment 39-3475, effective May 29, 1979, which superseded AD 78-26-09, Amendment 39-3379.

This Amendment 39-5901 becomes effective on May 30, 1988.