AD 80-01-06    Flap Actuator Assembly

January 7, 1980

This AD applies to ’78-‘80 152s and A152s.

To preclude overtravel of the Flap Actuator Assembly and subsequent flap failure this AD required the Flap Actuator be modified by installing a mechanical stop nut, or replacing the unit with a new assembly.

80-01-06 CESSNA: Amendment 39-3649. Applies to Models 152/F152 (Serial Numbers 15279406 through 15284080 and F15201429 through F15201798), Models A152/FA152 (Serial Numbers A1520735 through A1520919 and FA15200337 through FA15200372) and Model 172RG (Serial Numbers 172RG0001 through 172RG0005, 172RG0007 through 172RG0012, 172RG0014, 172RG0016, and 172RG0019) airplanes certificated in all categories.

COMPLIANCE: Required as indicated unless previously accomplished.

To preclude overtravel of the flap actuator assembly and subsequent flap system failure which can result in an asymmetric flap configuration, within the next 50 hours time-in-service after the effective date of this AD, accomplish the following:

A) Modify the flap actuator assembly by installing a new mechanical stop nut in accordance with Cessna Single Engine Service Information Letter SE79-57, dated December 3, 1979, or when available, install a new replacement flap actuator assembly, Part Number C301002-0110, in accordance with applicable installation instructions.

B) Airplanes may be flown in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulation 21.197 to a base to accomplish this AD, provided the flaps are not used for that flight.

C) Any equivalent method of compliance with this AD must be approved by the Chief, Engineering and Manufacturing Branch, FAA, Central Region.

NOTE: Although Cessna Single Engine Service Information Letter SE79-57 does not identify the Model 172RG, the actuator modification for this model is the same as provided for the Model 152 airplane.

This amendment becomes effective January 7, 1980.