Ed Figuli

Aircraft of the Quarter, 1st Quarter, 2019

For the first Quarter of 2019, we are proud to present “Woodstock” as our Airplane of the Quarter. Woodstock is a 1972 150L Texas Taildragger owned and flown by Ed Figuli of Perkasie, PA. (CKZ) This airplane is not your standard Cessna 150. Not only is the nosewheel in the back, there’s a 150 HP Lycoming IO-360-E2D up front.

This is a unique airplane in both appearance and performance, and perhaps the most recognizable airplane in the Club. From a distance, you can’t help but notice the bright yellow paint color. As you get closer you notice that the paint scheme is an unusual retro combination of pre-World War II military trainer, golden age air racing, and whimsy. Oh, and then there’s the Federation Aeronautique Internationale certification painted on the left side. You see, Woodstock holds not one, but two World Speed Records.

For more information about Woodstock, and his owner, Ed Fugili, read the Spring edition of The Beacon.

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