Cessna 150 Light Bulbs

The following is the standard Cessna 150 Light Bulb Reference. This listing is for the 14 volt Cessna 150 ONLY. 

Landing/Taxi LightsCessna Part #Manufacturer Part #Aircraft Spruce Part #
All two-light systems, both wing and cowl-mounted. (pair of 100 watt Par 36 lamps).4509GE-450911-03796
All single lamp cowl-mounted systems. (one 250 watt Par 36 lamp)4313GE-431311-03795
RMD Aftermarket STC wingtip lights. One 50 watt Halogen Bulb in each wingtipN/AGE-H760411-04023
Flashing Beacon BulbsCessna Part #Manufacturer Part #Aircraft Spruce Part #
1959-1966 Round top Beacon, 40 watt incandescent1105BGrimes A7079B1211-03661
1959-1966 Flat top Beacon, 50 watt incandescentWRM44-12GE-194011-04361
1967-1977 Beacon, 125 watt incandescentC17312-3Aeroflash 40-002840-0028
Nav BulbsCessna Part #Manufacturer Part #Aircraft Spruce Part #
Tail Nav LightN/AGE-177711-04014
Wingtip Nav LightA7512-12Grimes W1290-14, Whelen A508-14W1290-14A508-14
Miscellaneous BulbsCessna Part #Manufacturer Part #Aircraft Spruce Part #
Compass BulbMS25237-330GE-33011-04016
Headliner Dome LightS1876-1GE-181611-04167
Headliner Panel LightMS15584-2GE-9411-04200
Charging Indicator BulbS1876-1GE-181611-04167
Underwing Courtesy LightMS15584-2GE-9411-04200
Part No.VoltsWattsAmpsCandlepowerBeamRated LifeNotes
GE 4509131007.6110,00012°25 hoursAll C150 two-light systems, both wing and cowl mounted.
GE 43131325019.2140,00016º25 hoursAll C150 single-light cowl-mounted systems.
GE H760412.8503.9100,000100 hoursAftermarket STC RMD Wingtip Landing Lights.

Landing and Taxi Light Configurations

All 150s use the PAR 36 lamp shape, but the wattage, amperage, angle of projection, and brightness vary depending on the type of lamp selected.

There are three possible Landing/Taxi Light configurations:

  1. The 150 thru the 150K have two lamp wing mounted combination. The standard for both lamps is a PAR 36, 13 volt, 100 watt, GE 4509
  2. The 1971 “L” thru the 1974 “L” have a single landing light in the nose cowl. The standard bulb is a PAR 36, 13 volt, 250 watt, GE 4313.
  3. Some 1974 “L’s” and all “M’s” have a two lamp nose cowl mounted configuration.  The standard for both lamps is the same as the wing mount configuration, two PAR 36, 13 volt, 100 watt, GE 4509s.