Steve, Josh & John Moerman

Aircraft of the Quarter, 1st Quarter 2020

For the 1st Quarter of 2020 we head up to the Great White North and find this shiny 150F. C-FJBN is our first “C” registered Aircraft of the Quarter. Interestingly, just as most “C” registered 150s used to be “N” registered, JBN’s pilots are also dual citizens of both Canada and the good ol’ USA. JBN is owned in a joint stewardship venture between Steve Moerman, his brother Josh and their dad John. Polished and shiny on the outside, she is also equally shiny under the hood. The recently overhauled “community” Continental 0-200 runs great. Why do we call it a community 0-200? You’ll have to read about that in the Spring edition of the Beacon.

C-FJEB is a 1970 Cessna 150F. S/N 15076916

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