Upcoming events

    • 07/22/2019
    • 8:00 AM
    • 07/28/2019
    • 5:00 PM
    • Oshkosh, WI (KOSH)

    The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration, or as we call it, "That other little Fly-In."

    Since Oshkosh happens the same week as the Cessna 150-152 Fly-In, we suggest you fly  to OSH on Sunday, spend a few days at AirVenture, then come down to Clinton on Wednesday or Thursday and spend a couple of days with us at the Confab in the Corn.

    If you're headed to Oshkosh, please register here so we know how many 150/152 folks will be there.  


    • 07/24/2019
    • 11:00 AM
    • 07/26/2019
    • 8:30 PM
    • Clinton, Iowa (KCWI)

    It's the 19th Annual Cessna 150-152 Fly-In. If you own or operate a Cessna 150 or 152, this is the Fly-In for you. If you don't own a 150 or 152, that's okay, come on in anyway. It's the Fly-In that you can actually fly in!  If you haven't been to our event, you have missed one of the best fly-ins in the country. You really should plan on attending. We have a great time.

    Register, and get more information at https://www.cessna150152flyin.org/

    • 09/02/2019
    • 7:00 AM
    • 09/08/2019
    • 4:00 PM
    • Triple Tree Aerodrome (SC00)

    The 13th annual Triple Tree Fly-In at the Triple Tree Aerodrome in Woodruff, SC. This is a great Fly-In just for fun. 

    • 7,000 x 400 ft. manicured bentgrass runway
    • Restored WWII  control tower
    • 440 acre site
    • Unlimited exceptional camping sites
    • Unrivaled, CLEAN bath facilities with private showers and granite countertops
    • Over six miles of hiking trails
    • Fishing.  (Yes, you can eat them while on-site)
    • Friendliest staff
    • Great food
    • Great educational seminars
    • Fun social events
    • World’s most beautiful aviation facility
    • FUN, Fellowship and Hospitality - Guaranteed!!!

    Push the REGISTER button to let your 150-152 buds know you're going.

    Here's the link for more information:


    • 09/26/2019
    • 09/29/2019
    • Alvord Dry Lake Bed, OR

    It's been awhile, but it is time to revisit the Alvord dry lake bed in southeastern Oregon. 

    The weather app says the weather is supposed to be absolutely perfect for such a trip the last week of September, 2019. The moon phase will be perfect for star/meteor gazing and dark-night touch-and-goes on the playa are sure to get you night current. Uh, just joking on the last part.

    But this is an excellent adventure. Stay one night, or all three. 

    See you on the Alvord!

Past events

05/10/2019 AOPA Fly-In, Frederick
05/03/2019 Alan's South Carolina Fly-In
04/02/2019 Sun-n-Fun
03/23/2019 EAA Pancake Breakfast
02/08/2019 2019 Copperstate Fly-In

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